Monday, April 24, 2017

Stupid PATS II Key Part III

OK, it is working......for now.

I looked around on some Ford forums and found a suggestion to take the key off the keyring. Extra metal can sometimes mess with the transponder. My key ring is metal, it also has another key that is not a chip key, but a Home Depot full metal key that is cut for my car. It works with the trunk and doors, but won't start the car unless I have the PATS system turned off in a tune.

Well, I put just the key in, turned it and got the flashing THEFT light. I then started to wait the 10 minutes for the reset. While I was waiting the THEFT light did it's normal thing, blinked fast, after about 1 minutes it started to blink slowly, a few minutes later it blinks once, then three times fast then goes out for a bit, then back to the once blink then three fast. It then goes out completely. I still wait because the 10 minutes is not over yet. Then it does something it has not done before, the "Check Engine" light comes on. The car is not running and I thought this is odd.

After 10 minutes I took the key out, locked and unlocked the car via the remote fob a few times. I then put the key and only the key back in the ignition and turned it. All the lights come on and after a few seconds the THEFT light goes out. I turn the key and it starts. Yea!

I waited a few minutes and started it a few more times and no THEFT light problem. I am hoping all the metal on the keyring messed up the ECU / PATS reset the first time around.

I am still nervous about driving this thing. I would hate stalling the car, it's a 5 speed, and then not be able to start it. Or go to the store, come out and it not start. I'm going to test it for a few days to make sure this reset has really fixed it this time.

I hope this is the last PATS key post I make! It does look like I'll just have to bite the Bullitt* and get a new key cut and programed at Ford.

* Intentional Mustang pun...

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