Friday, June 26, 2009

Street Machine

Well, my project car will be going into my garage this winter. I'm going to build a car that I will show at parking lot shows, you know the ones, where you sit by your car in a lawn chair and lie about it. I'm also going to drag race it mainly at test and tunes. I wanted to go hardcore and just build a full on race car, but I really just want to enjoy it by cruising hanging out at shows with fellow gear heads and taking it to the strip every now and then to see what my mods have gotten me. So right now I'll be doing the cheap stuff first, making the car lighter by taking out the rear seat, radio and speakers, things like that. My seats will be going into my wife's 1998 white V6 convertible Mustang. Her interior has seen better days and mine is in great shape. So since I'm taking off as much weight as I can I'll be reusing what I can in her car.

She will need some tires soon, so I'll give her my 17" wheels with the nearly new tires and buy the Summit wheels that I talked about in the post below. I'll start out with the Mickey Thompson ET radials on the back while and some skinny tires up front. So I'll be working on the suspension first. I'll be using the springs that I talked about in the post below along with the Lakwood 90/10 struts for the front and the Lakwood 50/50 for the rear.

As far as the engine I'm using my SVO intake, adding a Steeda timing adjuster, PI cams and a X-Pipe. After all that I'll have to get it dyno tuned with my Diablo tuner.

So that is it for now, just a quick update on what I'm going to do with the Mustang. Until then here is a nice photo of an SVO intake.