Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SVT Ford Focus Fuel Pump

My old fuel pump died so since I had to replace it I decided to upgrade to the SVT Focus pump. The SVT pump delivers enough fuel to support up to 400 rear wheel horsepower and is plug-n-play with my 1998 GT. I could not use the top or the sender unit, but I did use the new basket, pump and filters with my old '98 top and sender unit.

The old pump decided to die on me with a full tank of gas. So doing this repair solo was quite a chore. Some repairs go as planed with just a stubborn bolt or nut here and there. This repair / mod fought me each step of the way. On top of that the weather was hot and muggy.

The 1998 is kind of an oddball year for the Mustang. It has a fuel tank that was just used for that year and is a return system with a return-less pump. After researching the web for info on this upgrade I had to put together all kinds of info from multiple web pages to make sure I was doing everything right.

After fighting with this repair / mod I finely got the tank back in and with everything buttoned up I turned the key, heard the pump come on, waited a few seconds and fired it up. It started right up, I did not get a 'Check Engine Light' and my sender unit is sending the correct info to my fuel gauge.

It was a pain to do the repair, but I learned a bunch and I now have fuel support for any mods I do down the road. Plus I get to drive my Mustang since it has been sitting while I got the funds to buy the pump.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nexen 165/80r15

I have ordered the Nexen tires I need for the 15" x 4" Summit wheels. Funds are tight, but these were on sale so I grabbed a pair for my project car. The front wheels and tires are taken care of, I'm going to have to save my pennies for the rear tires now. I'm going to go with a P 275 /50R15 size tire for the rear. I'm still waffling on which tire to buy. The two I'm looking at are the Mickey Thompson ET Street radial and the BFGoodrich T/A Drag Radial. From what I have read so far, the M/T ETs hook better than the BFGs, but the BFGs last longer. Since my car is way underpowered right now I'm guessing that how the tire hooks will not matter as much at my power level. So I'm leaning toward the BFGs, but I'm still researching both tires. I have read that the NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association) Factory Stock 2 valve guys run on the BFG drag radials and they are in the deep 11 second range.

Another note, still working on the garage so I can get my baby out of the weather and work on it. I know, I'm slack. I'll try and do more out there since the weather is getting nicer.