Saturday, September 13, 2008

SVO Intake

I have been going over how I wanted to build my engine. I have so many options, 4.6 2 valve, 4.6 4 valve like the Cobra engines, 5.4 2 or 4 valve. I could go with turbos, roots blower or a Vortech blower. Well, I just picked up an SVO intake manifold so I'm going to be building a 4.6 2V. Ford came out with the SVO intake manifold along with the SVO 2 valve heads in 1998. The 4.6 2v cams and intake for the '96 through '98 were dogs, the NPI heads were fine, just toss the cams and intake. It's one of the reasons these model years are looked down upon. In 1999 Ford came out with the 2v PI heads, PI standing for performance improved. It took the power of the 4.6 2v up to 260 HP from 215 for the non-PI heads. The SVO parts were made to help the underpowered SN95 Mustangs. The intake manifold was not around long. Ford came out with the Bullitt intake for their 2001 Bullitt Mustang. The Bullitt intake is similar to the SVO, it just works with the PI heads. The SVO heads are still being made and they are the best flowing 2 valve heads you can put on a modular 4.6. So my plan now is to build a 2v SVO engine with no power adder, all N/A (naturally aspirated). With cams, long tube headers and the normal bolt ons I should see around 300 HP at the wheels. This intake is very hard to find because the Ford Factory Stock racers snapped them all up for their race cars. I got really lucky and did a Google search for them and found them up in Cartersville GA at a place called, Modular PowerHouse, or MPH. They are a great bunch of guys that love to hot rod Mustangs. I have a feeling that they will be seeing a lot of me!

SVO Intake photos