Monday, April 24, 2017

Stupid PATS II Key Part II

Sometimes I want to blow up my car!

I went outside to take the Mustang to the carwash and it would not start, again. Same 'Theft' light problem. I tried the things that worked in my last post and nothing. Sigh.

I have a Diablo tuner and I hear you can disable PATS in a tune. The problem with that is my tuner is locked. I tried to test something on Nancy's car and it 'married' it to her car and I could not fix it. Diablo charges $129 to unlock the tuner, Ford charges $135 for a key and that was when it worked with one key I'm sure it would be a ton of money now. I'll have to research this some more. I'll update after it's fixed or even if it is not and I have tried something. ARRRggggg!!!

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