Monday, December 1, 2008

Ford Racing Flywheel, Clutch and Driveshaft

Project Mustang has been idle for a couple of months because it was in need of a clutch. I knew when I got the car that the clutch was iffy and as the summer wore on so did the clutch. Summit Racing and Mustangs Unlimited to the rescue. I picked up the Ford racing nodular iron flywheel and Ford racing 'King Cobra' clutch at Mustangs Unlimited. The Ford racing aluminum driveshaft and Lakewood universal joints at Summit Racing. My trusty mechanics at #1 Decatur Pro installed the parts for me. Huge difference! The clutch engages right off the floor and grabs hard. My old clutch was worn out and I knew it was time to replace it when it would only engage at the very top of pedal travel. The clutch feel is a lot different and it will take some time getting use to this new setup. In fact I stalled the car a few times while getting use to the new pedal feel. When I bang second I get a nice chirp out of the rear tires and was happy to hear and feel that on the driver side rear. It seems the posi traction is working just fine! With all new parts and it being installed correctly, the drivetrain seems very tight and seems to spin up faster. Not a huge difference in the way the car accelerates, except it has a very solid feel to it. This was more of a maintainace mod and not much of a performance mod. Hopefully my next mod with be more in the performance vain, rear gears (4.30) for example. Stay tuned.