Sunday, July 20, 2008

LED Gauge Cluster Light Mod

Click the photo for a larger view.... I found the LED gauge cluster mod at this link. The instructions are great and Trey did a fantastic job on this write up. If you follow his instructions this mod is very easy. I first did this to my wife's 1998 v6 convertible. It took me longer because some of the parts are different than what is in his writeup. Today I did my GT and it only took two hours and I was taking my time. I also had to polish my gauge cluster so that took some extra time. You can get the bulbs here. Just do a search for WLED-R5. The cost is not so bad, $2.99 plus .95 cents for the cool white version. You need 7 bulbs, two for the HVAC cluster and 5 for the gauge cluster. My gauge cluster was a tad dim and when I found Trey's write up over at my other hangout,, I thought I'd give it a try. Wow, I love the way it looks now, brighter and a nice cool blue. The blue is from a film that Ford puts behind the gauge so the warm yellow old bulbs would make the gauge glow greenish. With the cool white it has a very nice blue glow that I like very much. I'm very happy I found Trey's write up and if you do this mod please send him a message to thank him.