Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not For Sale

Just kidding! My Mustang GT has been sitting quietly in my garage for a year and a half since I added the tires and handling kit. Work is slow and I really don't have to money to put into what is essentially a toy. I have taken it out a few times to stretch it's legs and to make sure it's fluids get moved around.

Even though I have thought about selling it, it really would not make any sense. It's paid for, it makes a great back up car in case one of our other cars needs to go into the shop and I would not get that much for it anyway. For some reason the 1996-1998 Mustangs are not very popular with the masses. Kind of like the Mustang II. The 4.6 modular engine was not a hit with the 5.0 pushrod crowd. I love the look of the 94-98 (SN95) cars. they have a very sleek sports car look while retaining some of the classic Mustang styling, but the retro craze seems to get all the attention.

I'm sad I missed the SITH (Silver in the Hills), the Silver Mustang club meeting this year. The past years it has been in Stone Mountain GA which is six miles from me. So money was never an excuse to miss it. This year they moved it to Maggie Valley, NC and I was planing to go up on Saturday and come back the same day, but our other '98 Mustang had to go into the shop on Saturday for repair so that took away from any extra cash we had to make the trip. I hope things will turn around so I can make it next year.

So, even though I have thought of selling it, I really can't because I love the car and I would not be able to get enough money out of it for the money I have spent on upgrades. Even though I do not have the funds to do what I want to the car at least I have a project car that is in great working order for when this economy turns around and I have the cash to sink into it.

I had not made an update on the blog for over a year so I thought I'd post up some of my thoughts just so anyone that reads this blog will know the project is not dead and that I have not given up on getting this project done!