Friday, April 21, 2017

Stupid PATS II Key

The battery in my Mustang died. It was over nine years old so I got some good use out of it. I had not driven the Mustang in months so there was no power going to the car for awhile.

I got another battery, installed it, turned the key and it just turned over and did not start. The "Theft" light was blinking and would not turn on the fuel pump so I could start the car.

I looked on the internet for a fix and the first thing I tried was just let the ECU reset by leaving it alone for a few hours. I left it alone overnight. That did not work, still a flashing Theft light.

I then found a key reset video on Youtube that used a remote. I don't have a remote, but I gave it a shot. It worked, once. The light came back on again and would not start.

My wife had a '98 Mustang that is long gone now, but there was a spare remote. I tried to pair it with the car, but the batteries in it were dead. Off to Amazon to get some coin batteries.

They came in today, I put them in, paired the remote with my car and tried to start it. No go again.

I then waited 10 mins. after I put the key in to wait for the Theft light to go out. I took the key out, unlocked and locked the doors with the remote, tried to start the car, but the Theft light came back on. I took the key out again, used the remote to lock and unlock the doors a few times, tried to start it and it worked, but the Theft light was blinking while it was running.

I then just drove around the neighborhood for 15 mins. and the light went out. I went home, turned off the car and tried to start it again. It worked and no flashing Theft light this time.

I have gone out a few times today and it still works fine. I would hate to go somewhere and have the thing not start up leaving me stranded, but it seems to be working fine right now.

I hope to post more to this blog in 2017. I did not post at all in 2016. My A/C is dead and I'm thinking I'm going to get an A/C delete pulley and start to lighten the car. I'm also thinking about moving the battery to the trunk. I'm also toying with the idea of getting rid of the 18x9 Bullitt Wheels, because they weigh 30 pounds each. The 17x8 wheels that came with the car only weigh 21 pounds that is a bunch of unsprung weight to lose. Plus Mickey Thompson Street Comp tires in 245/45r 17" sell for only $118 each from Summit Racing. I'll post more when those things happen.

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