Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mobile Post

Just trying out posting from my new Android phone. Decided to take the Mustang out today to stretch its legs. So while I was out doing errands I snapped this photo and thought I would try the Android app, Blogger. So this post is totaly from my phone.

If I like the way it looks I will be able to post from locations such as the drag strip or from car shows. It is always nice to have an excuse to post another photo of my car. :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fixing the Headlights

Restored headlight

Cloudy headlight.

I started out with the Mothers headlight repair kit. It comes with some polish and a Mothers ball thingie that fits on a drill. It also has some small sandpaper at 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit. I worked on Nancy's car first and used up the paper so I went out and got all four of those grits of wet sanding paper to do my car. You start by taping off the painted parts of the car so you don't sand any paint off. I used that low tack blue painters tape. Then I started out with 800 girt and just sanded in a north / south motion. I went with an east / west motion when I went to the 1000 grit, and alternated with the 1500 and 2000 grits. I finished off with the Mothers polish and the ball on a drill. They turned out really well. You can tell the age on the side markers, some micro cracks, but they are really clear now. Makes a huge difference when driving at night.

I may end up getting new Cobra clear lights and markers along with some trick switchback LED side lights, but for now this is a good fix.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Shoes & Handling Package

I picked up some wheels and tires. The wheels are 18" x 9" Black Bullitt Wheels. I got them used from Prestige Mustangs. Prestige Mustangs is a Mustang salvage yard. They have tons of Mustang parts and I went out to Monroe to see if they had any wheels that I'd like. They had this set with a really good set of Nexen N3000 tires for $699. Prestige Mustangs use to be in Clarkston GA less than a mile from where I live. Now it's a 50 mile drive to go see them, but it's worth the drive! I love the contrast of the black wheels on a silver car so I'm very happy with how my GT looks.

The M-5400-A 'Bullitt Handling Package' is installed and the car rides so much better! The handling has improved as well. The car does not wiggle around on an off ramp any more and the car just has a much more predictable feel to it. I think this was a huge upgrade for my car. It has lowered the car about an inch and has taken away that 4X4 look that the stock SN95's have. I'm told that it takes awhile for the springs to settle and it might drop a tad more. I did not go with an after-market caster / camber plate since they were able to align the car to factory specs without it. I'm guessing this is because I used a Ford Racing kit. With other lowering springs you have to get a cc plate to get it to align correctly.

I drove it around town a bunch today and the car just feels great! Now I have to get it cleaned up and waxed to get ready for the cruise that is coming next Saturday May 21st.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

M-5400-A Performance Handling Kit

Well, today I drove down to Gene Evans Team Ford and picked up the 'Bullitt Handling' kit. This kit comes with front and rear coils springs, front Tokico struts, rear Tokico shocks plus front and rear sway bars. This kit lists for $545.00, but had them on sale for $469.20 and had it in stock! The parts guy I talked to was Rick Stark. He was more than helpful and a nice guy to chat with while I waited on my kit to come over from their warehouse. I'm sure they have not seen the last of me!

Since I'm going to install a handling kit instead of the 4 cyl Fox springs and Lakewood drag struts and shocks, my build is being modified a touch. I have sold my F-150, it is going to a good home with my brother. So I now just have my daily driver and my Mustang. I have decided to to go in a milder direction than making a full on street / strip drag car. I want to be able to drive my Mustang in the rain and for normal driving if my daily driver is in the shop.

I looked up the stats on the 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT and stock it does 0-60 in 5.5 sec. and the quarter mile in 14 flat on street tires. My goal is still to have a 12 second mustang and I'm sure I can do it with this kit setup. I will need more power and some better gears, but I don't think it will be out of reach by using this suspension setup.

So now I will have two sets of wheels and tires. One set for handling and running around with, rain or shine and the other set is my Summit Star 15" big and little wheels and tires. With my 15x8 Summit Star wheel I can now go with the MT ET Street radial tire that is super sticky and head for the track, as long as it's not going to rain!

I will keep the updates coming as I get the parts installed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's about time!

Well, I'm done! The Mustang is now in the garage. My biggest hurdle to doing this was a very large and obsolete Durst 10x10 enlarger and some other darkroom equipment. I started working on cleaning out the garage last week, and took a truckload of junk to the dump. I met a man there that recycles metal and he told me that he would come and pick up any metal I had for free! I took him up on it so he came by and took the stuff on Friday. I have been working on the garage until now (Sunday) to get it cleaned out so I can put my Mustang in there.

It has been a long time since my garage was able to hold a car, I'm happy it is done.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The above silver Mustang is not mine. It belongs to the fine folks at MPE Racing. I posted it as a motivational tool to keep me focused on my project and it is one fine looking SN95!

I have not posted in quite awhile. Mostly because I have not done anything to my Mustang since the fuel pump upgrade / repair. I have been out of work for 2 years, so no funds equals no mods equals no updates. As I said, I have not done anything to my Mustang so why the update? Well, I'm starting to work once again and as I build my bank account back up I'll start to get back to work on my project car. I really just wanted to post an update so anyone out there that is following this project will now know that I have not abandoned it, put on hold for a bit, but not abandoned.

So, for now enjoy the photo and I'll get back to work on getting my project back on track.