Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Shoes & Handling Package

I picked up some wheels and tires. The wheels are 18" x 9" Black Bullitt Wheels. I got them used from Prestige Mustangs. Prestige Mustangs is a Mustang salvage yard. They have tons of Mustang parts and I went out to Monroe to see if they had any wheels that I'd like. They had this set with a really good set of Nexen N3000 tires for $699. Prestige Mustangs use to be in Clarkston GA less than a mile from where I live. Now it's a 50 mile drive to go see them, but it's worth the drive! I love the contrast of the black wheels on a silver car so I'm very happy with how my GT looks.

The M-5400-A 'Bullitt Handling Package' is installed and the car rides so much better! The handling has improved as well. The car does not wiggle around on an off ramp any more and the car just has a much more predictable feel to it. I think this was a huge upgrade for my car. It has lowered the car about an inch and has taken away that 4X4 look that the stock SN95's have. I'm told that it takes awhile for the springs to settle and it might drop a tad more. I did not go with an after-market caster / camber plate since they were able to align the car to factory specs without it. I'm guessing this is because I used a Ford Racing kit. With other lowering springs you have to get a cc plate to get it to align correctly.

I drove it around town a bunch today and the car just feels great! Now I have to get it cleaned up and waxed to get ready for the cruise that is coming next Saturday May 21st.


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Sorry, I meant polished via Zanio.