Friday, June 9, 2017

Stupid PATS problem, Ordered A New Transceiver F8SB-15607-AC

OK, I talked to a mobile locksmith and he does not think it is a problem with the key. He thinks it's a problem with the transceiver module, a blown fuse, a short or a bad relay. I checked all the fuses and they look fine. I looked in the owner's manual for my car and did not see a relay for the PATS / Anti-Theft system. So I took the steering column apart and removed the PATS transceiver. I have ordered one off eBay for $25 shipped.

It took a bit to get the covers off and the large metal plate from under the dash off to get access to all the screws for the cover. I had to fiddle a bit with the connectors and finally got them loose. The transceiver is held on with a T-20 bolt. My T-20 bit seemed a bit large but I was able to get the job done with some extra force. There is a wire going to the ring where the lock cylinder goes and there is a small brass tab that looks like it makes contact with the lock cylinder. It had a bit of white lithium grease on it. I'll make sure that is cleaned and re-lubed when I put it all back together. I hope my next post is one that reports the car has started and is running.

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