Saturday, October 25, 2014

Project is not dead yet!

Even though I have not posted in almost two years I still have the Mustang and I still plan on upgrading it. Sorry for the cobwebs....

Still waiting on extra funds to put into the car. Once I have those funds I'm going to do the rear axle first. Some 4.10 Ford Racing gears, new axles, new Ford Racing posi-traction differential with the carbon fiber discs just like the one they put in the '03 - '04 Cobra. I wanted to go with the 4.30 gear, but Ford has discontinued those so 4.10 it is.

I know some might think the 4.10 is a bit much for the street, but this is not a daily driver and I have only put 7k miles on the car since I got it back in May of 2008, so I'm really not worried about some loss in gas mileage.

That will be the first step. The next big step will be the Ford Racing PI heads and cams. I don't want to go with aftermarket cams, I want to keep it all Ford as I have said in the past. Plus, the new heads with valves and cams cost $800 and a set of aftermarket cams cost $600 alone. I want to keep this simple and if I get 275 to 300 hp to the crank I'll be a happy man. The PI engine got 260 HP stock. With the bump in compression and the bolt on accessories I should be able to reach that goal easy.

Just thought I should update so I can have at least one post on the blog this year.

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