Monday, December 31, 2012

New Direction

 I have decided to head in another direction with my build. The followers of this page have watched me work toward a street / strip car. I modified the build a bit when I added the Bullitt handling kit. After living with the kit for over a year now I really don't have any interest in drag racing the car anymore. It would just cost to much money to make a car that takes a pounding at the strip. Plus there is no getting around it, a strip suspension is way different than a handling one. I'm on the road more than I would be at at the strip so I'm going for more of a road build. One that echoes the 1965 Shelby GT 350.

After some bench racing with my brother-in-law Jay, I think we have come up with a plan. First the goal would be to try and get close to the specifications of the '65 GT 350. The three main specifications that I'm after on the GT 350 are, 306 hp, 329 lbs-ft torque and a weight of 2,800 pounds.  We have also added a limiting factor to make this goal. Try and only use Ford parts whenever possible. By putting a limit on what we can buy we have to get creative and it will keep the costs down since we won't be looking at blowers or turbos and the like.

The first number is horsepower and that should be easy to get with just bolt-ons. My car has the NPI engine in it and it is listed at 225hp stock. I have a few bolt-on's already, under-drive pulleys, Flowmaster cat back, cold air induction and a Diablo tune. Even with these mods I'm sure I'm well short of the 306hp goal. However, doing a PI head / Cam swap and bolt on's will get me close to 275rwhp / 295rwtq and using a 15% conversion that comes to around 316 hp and 339 tq at the flywheel. That takes care of both the hp and tq goals right there.

The last spec is curb weight. The Shelby is listed at 2,800 lbs and my GT is listed at 3,278 lbs. So to match that spec the GT will have to shed 478 lbs. This goal would be a long term one. First I can start with the easy free stuff like a rear seat delete, getting rid of the Mach 460 sound system and various other tricks can shed a couple of hundred pounds quick and cheap. Getting those last pounds off will be more of a challenge. Using this link will help figure out what to take out or replace:

Well, those are the new goals. I'm looking forward to building this beast.