Friday, June 20, 2008


This past weekend I used four different Zaino products on my car. I started with the Z-PC polishing compound that you don't use all the time, just when you want to get a glass smooth base and take off the stuff that is stuck in your paint. Then I used their all in one wax, Z-AIO which is a polish, wax and leaves a protective layer. The next step is the clear seal, Z-CS that you rub on and walk away, no buffing. It self levels to leave another UV protective layer to protect your paint. Then after 12 hours I topped it all off with Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal. The car is now as smooth as glass and looks great. It is amazing what this product has done for the original ten year old paint! Photos are below. You can read all about Zaino at: Go to this link for the Zaino Store.


longhairman said... Insane-o. I once thought about using it, but never did. I have a friend in NY that swears by it, and has been using it since the early 90s. Hell I think Grant uses it!

grantbob said...

Zaino is love.

Depaja said...

I love my Zaino! Very, very smooth surface! I sill might have to have a professional buff it out for a good base to work with. There are some spots where paint is stained from tree sap or bird crap and I think a good rubbing compound with a machine will get those out of the paint. Plus there are some water marks (acid rain?) that are still there that I can only see at night under strong lights. A professionals buffing might take care of that and leave me a perfect base to let Zaino really shine. I'm happy with it for now and I know it is protected.