Saturday, June 7, 2008

Steeda Underdrive Pulleys part II

The underdrive pulleys are installed! I started on Friday night and the first problem I ran into was the radiator fan would not allow me to get my impact wrench square on the crank pulley bolt. I took the radiator overflow tank off, then the radiator fan. The crank pulley did not want to budge so I sprayed some Teflon penetrating oil spray on it and the other nuts to let them soak overnight. This morning I put the impact wrench back on the crank nut pulley and it broke loose right away. Also loosened the other nuts required for this install.

It took me a total of 3 hours for this install. I took my time, that is the nice thing about working on a car that is not your daily driver, no real rush to get it done. After I put it all back together I fired it up and watched the belt for any wobbles. It tracked true, so I went in, washed up and took the GT for a spin.

I noticed the engine wants to rev. freer and it had a tad more pull over my last mod. I could feel more power, just not as much as what the Diablo performance tune gave me. The old harmonic balancer was looking ratty so this mod made sense for a performance and maintenance standpoint. A win / win if you ask me!

Below are the photos of the install. The first is of the crank pulley puller that I got at O'Reilly Auto Parts, it was $14.99 and it worked great! The second photo is of both set of pulleys, the factory set is on the left. The third photo is the engine getting ready for the new pulleys and the forth is the completed install. All and all this mod was worth the money and time it took to install.

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