Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spark Plugs & Wire

Since I have only had the car 6 weeks now, I thought it would be a good idea to change the plugs and wires. I did not want to go crazy yet and get some super expensive plug so I just ended up getting the Motorcraft Platinum plugs. I also installed new plug wires, the Ford Racing Blue 9mm wires. I'm glad I did this because when I took out the old plugs they looked in rough shape and there were two plugs that were different than the rest of the plugs that I took out. Six plugs were Splitfire and the number 3 and 4 cylinder had very bad looking Bosh Platinum plugs. I always like to start with the hardest plugs to reach first so that means the passenger side of the engine. I had to take off the K&N cold air induction tube and unplug two fuel injectors. I started with #4 it was Bosh, then #3 same thing Bosh. So the last person that changed the plugs did not do #4 or #3 because they are the hardest to change. All the rest of the plugs were the Splitfire. I'm heading out now to see how the thing runs. It fired up and idled nicely, now to see how it is on the road.

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