Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ford PATS Key

When I got my car it only had one key and no fob. Fobs I can get off ebay cheap, I guess I'll have to get a key blank there also. Ford has a security system called PATS that uses a computer chip / transponder in your key. The car's computer won't start the car unless the chip talks to it. My car was made in 08/98 so that makes it a late '98 which is a bad thing if you only have one key. With two keys I could get a blank cut and follow a process that will program that other key. Since I only have one key I have to get another one made.

At lunch Friday I went by Tim Stewart Ford Lincoln Mercury at 5675 Peachetree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341 and went to the parts department to have a key made. They told me it was $45 for the key and $90 to program it for my car. I'm not going to pay $135 for a key! So I'll have to call around to independent locksmiths or find a way to defeat the PATS systems so I can us a normal skinny $1.25 home depot key.

I have also read that some Ford dealers will not rape you for the cost on programing your key. If that is so then shame on you Tim Stewart Ford Lincoln Mercury!


grantbob said...

Same deal with the MINI keys... except that they cost even more. Ahhh technology.

Warren said...

Hmm .. although it's not directly on the key for me, I still got raped when I wanted to replace my fob. The dealer charged me about $90 - $120 5 years ago to replace. :(

Depaja said...

Ebay seems to be the place for key fobs. You can get 5 Ford fobs for $30.

longhairman said...

If only y'all had a '94 civic like me then you wouldn't have to worry about any high tech stuff. Like I fixed the driver's window the other week with a little loctite and a machine screw.

I am low-tech...and love it :)

Oh wait, I know that two of you had a '94 Civic at one point in do know what low-tech it like :)

Depaja said...

OK Longhairman with your ricer and your naawwss, I never owned a civic, that was the wife. She is allowed since it's a chicks car. :-)

longhairman said...

The Civic is smokin...especially since the new timing belt and water pump upgrade. In fact, while the beast was up on the lift I noticed that she was in need of an exhaust system upgrade. Midas Gold baby!!

I've got enough man in me to allow for the fact that I drive a "chick's car".

Fear this mo'fo'.