Saturday, May 24, 2008

Buying the project car

On May 14th 2008 my search ended for the car I wanted to hot rod. I found a very clean 1998 Silver Mustang GT. It has the original 4.6 L 2V engine. The car also has a 5 speed and just two modifications, a K&N cold air tube and a pair of FlowMaster mufflers. The interior is black leather which is in great shape. The body is straight, the car tracks true and there does not seem to be any major mechanical problems. I did take it to a shop where they do work for me on my other cars. The muffler brackets were loose so one of the pipes were rubbing on the rear sway bar and they found a leak from the water pump. I had them repair those problems and put in a 180 degree thermostat. This will not be a daily driver. Right now I'm driving it back and forth from work to get a feel on how the car handles and to see if any other problems pop up that the guys back at the shop might have missed.

The purpose of this blog is to document this project. I'm doing this to keep track on what I have done and to help keep the project on track by giving myself goals. The main goal is listed in the header of this blog. I want make a Mustang that run 12 seconds at the dragstrip on street tires, well, at least on drag radials.

So if you are interested in the documentation of the building of a hot rod and to see what works and what does not, just keep an eye on this blog.

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longhairman said...

You need to skip 12 and aim for under 10.